Casino Parties

Casino Parties

For an engaging event for adults only, consider hosting a casino party. A Las Vegas-styled casino party can be used for a fundraising event, a gala social event, or as a corporate customer appreciation event by the best casinos. Casino party planning is a critical aspect of successfully implementing your gambling night, and you may wish to consider hiring a professional casino party planning firm to help with the arrangements.

You will create the excitement of a Las Vegas casino, complete with professional gaming tables, skilled dealers, fun and energy. If the casino event is a fundraiser, your guests can give a donation to enter the party or to purchase chips or play money to use at the various gaming tables.

The object of the evening is for your guests to have a fabulous time and for them to not be concerned about losing money! This event is one of the few opportunities your guests will have to gamble with abandon and not be concerned about the ramifications the following morning!


There are many clever ideas you can use for casino party invitations. One online invitation merchant,, has some fabulous themed Las Vegas casino invitations. You can opt for one that features the renowned Welcome to Las Vegas sign, an oversized Queen of Diamonds playing card, a roulette wheel, a stack of poker chips or anything in between!

If you prefer to use an internet-based invitation, they have a couple of kitschy Las Vegas casino-inspired evites that feature both music and animated graphics.

What is Online Spread Betting?

Day trading futures online through software provided by a spread betting company uses the same process regardless of the nature of the product traded, be it commodities, currencies or index market futures. Each market at any moment has a value. That value can go up or it can go down. The daytrader speculates on this movement through the spreadbetting platform supplied by the financial spread betting company.

The financial spread betting company offers the daytrader two prices around the live or estimated market price. These two prices are known as the Sell or Bid price and the Buy or Offer price, and it is from these adjusted prices that the “spread” of spread betting gets its name. To clarify, the “spread” is an artificial price calculated by the spread betting company that adds points to the underlying actual market price.
For example, the live price on the Dow Jones Daily may be 4356.

The spread betting company may quote a Sell price of 4354 and a buy price of 4358. In this scenario, for each trade a daytrader makes, whether they choose to buy or sell, the spread betting company will make 2 points worth of profit on the margin regardless of the outcome of the trade from the daytrader’s perspective.

Bluffing in Poker

Bluffing in Poker

Be mindful of your surroundings. Look at your opponents. Every advanced guide to poker says that one common factor. Be careful of bluffs, and be careful also in initiating a bluff. This separates poker from the other card games. This is not just a battle of luck and money; this is also psych-war. You can win even if you have the foulest cards available but it depends on how you handle yourself. Do not forget that your opponent is thinking

Do not forget that your opponent is thinking the same thing, so watch out. Facial expression and non-verbal cues are important; you need to be sensitive about it. You do not need an advanced guide to poker to understand these non-verbal cues.

Bluffing is one skill that makes poker very interesting. You can win a game even if your cards stink as long as you are good in this field. Same thing when your cards are very good. You can scoop your entire opponent’s money by doing a technique, which the advanced guide to poker calls as the “slow-play”. You need to make your opponents believe that you have bad cards so they will raise the pot. Once they fall into it, you can “call”, and all of those goodies are yours. This only works when you know what you are doing because otherwise, all of them will just fold. Worse, another player doing the same technique might hit you.

Once they fall into it, you can “call”, and all of those goodies are yours. This only works when you know what you are doing because otherwise, all of them will just fold. Worse, another player doing the same technique might hit you.

Reducing Your Bad Beats

Reducing Your Bad Beats

1. Never put more money than you can afford into your poker account. Let’s face it in these times all of our disposable income is probably not what it used to be. So if you’re risking more than you can afford you shouldn’t be gambling. Remember poker for most of us starts out as a fun hobby that we play for low stakes with our families and in our buddies garages and basements and let me tell you it’s no fun when the rent is due and you can’t pay it because you lost all your money playing online poker. The best thing to do is set a weekly limit and if you lose it all do not reload until it’s in the budget again.

2. Remember online poker is much faster than regular poker. When were playing in our home game it’s very much a social atmosphere and we may only play 100 hands in the 3 or 4 hours once a week game. When you’re playing online you could easily see 75 to 100 hands in an hour, therefore, there are many more chances that you may catch a bad beat.

3. Never play those silly super low limit games. As a rule of thumb, i always try to stick to at least the $1/$2 tables and $10 tourneys. Once you go below that you are playing with a lot of inexperienced players who chase crazy cards and unfortunately suck out once in a while and usually it’s at the expense of the player that flopped the nuts thus delivering more bad beats. F.Y.I. these players will never win in the long run and they usually don’t last long but for everyone, you squash it seems like two more pop up. If you are playing with people who have more to lose they tend to be more controlled. If you are going to start out in the super low limit rooms always remember to play tight.

4. Play tight. You cannot play every single hand when playing online. You have to tighten up and try to scope out those loose players. It’s a fact that a tighter more disciplined player will win much more online than the reckless loosey goosey. Just think as soon as you drop the nuts down on some maniac playing every hand he or she will eventually go on tilt and that’s when you can really cash in. The tighter you play the less bad beats you will encounter.

5. Never ever go on tilt. I know it’s easier said than done but once you’re on tilt you can kiss your money goodbye! We’ve all taken horrible bad beats and every once in a while you might get a few within a couple hours when playing online because of a number of hands you play. So if you feel yourself getting that urge to start chasing crazy hands and start making bad calls your best bet is to just stop playing for an hour or a day or even a week if that’s what it’s going to take to bring down your blood pressure and clear your head.

How a Game of Poker Works

How a Game of Poker Works

The first thing that anyone new to poker has to learn is how a normal round of poker works.

The standard poker game in the modern day is Texas Hold ‘Em which works on the basis that each player is dealt two cards and mist then make the best five card hand based on the five further cards which are dealt out in the middle of the team.

There are four rounds of betting with the first starting immediately after the first two cards have been dealt to each player. The basic things a player can do in a round of poker betting are; check (pass), call (match the bet), bet (make a new bet), raise (call a bet and then make a new one) and fold (opt out of the round).

The first three cards that are laid down following the initial deal are known as the flop. The flop is where most of the frantic poker betting action takes place because it’s the first chance any player has to put together a really strong hand. The flop is followed by the turn which is the fourth card laid down and then the river which is the final card. Rounds of betting intercede between these three actions.

A poker player can choose to go all in at any point which is sometimes a clever but risky move. Going all in means a player bets all of the chips they have on the hand they have been dealt. An all in bet in poker can be made at any time.

Before any cards in poker are dealt, the common practice is for an ante to be put into the put or for blinds to be used. An ante is a fixed amount that each player must bet before any cards are dealt for the right to see their cards. Blinds are the same compulsory bets but they differ in value and move position around a table.

Once all poker betting rounds have finished and all cards have been dealt and laid, any remaining players must show their cards face up to the rest of the poker table. The person who laid the last bet must show their cards first. The dealer will then look at the cards for each player and work out who has the strongest hand and who, therefore, wins all of the chips and cash in the pot, which is the ultimate aim of the poker game.

A Must to Poker Players

A Must to Poker Players

Aside from poker books and instructional videos, casino players can also use training videos to know other aspects of card game that are not familiar or commonly explored by players. Beginners are also advised to take a look at these video recordings because they provide comprehensive ideas and information about the different poker games like Texas Holdem and Omaha. Advanced players can still view these training videos because some of them provide tips on how to ensure wins in poker tournaments.

There are training videos that can easily be downloaded from some Web sites, however, there are some that require a particular computer software before players can view them. Most computer software that is needed before a training video can be downloaded are created and launched by prominent gambling companies. Even if players need some computer software to watch a certain poker training video, players will not have worries that these videos are not useful and helpful.

One of the training videos that players will find very helpful is entitled Poker Ace HUD Tutorial Training Video. This video recording is produced by a gambling company as another means of promoting its computer software that is helpful in analyzing the probabilities of players in a poker game. Based on reviews, this training video assists gamblers in knowing the best poker hands to use as well as the probabilities in each hand ranking.

This training video is very useful because it discusses the basic elements in some poker games. It also enables players to have a look and predict the events that they should expect if ever they participate in actual games. In addition, this training video also helps players know the effective and appropriate techniques to use in various poker versions.

Poker Ace HUD Tutorial Training Video is only one of the many training videos that players are suggested to watch. It is useful for beginners as well as professional poker players so they have nothing to worry and they will be more confident just in case they participate in tournaments and play against the most popular and skillful players ever known in the history of poker. This training video allows them to excel and be one of the successful gamblers who are able to establish a good reputation in poker. Players should also explore other training videos that have been reviewed and assessed by many professional gamblers to broaden their knowledge about this exciting card game.

How to Play BlackJack and Win

How to Play BlackJack and Win

There’s a reason that Blackjack (or “21”) is the world’s most popular casino table game. And it’s not because it pays that much more money. It’s popular because it’s simple.  Even the beginning card player, who would be overwhelmed by the rules of poker, can understand Blackjack’s basic concept: Keep taking cards until you get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Let’s take a look at exactly how to play blackjack—and better yet, how to win at it.

Before learning how to play blackjack, you need to learn the Blackjack language. Here are the basic terms you’ll hear the most.

HIT: Simply means to take another card after the first two have been dealt. A player who feels he is not yet close enough to 21, and wants another card, says “Hit me.”

STAND: This means that the player does not want any more cards. That is, he either has 21, or he feels that another card would put him over.

BUST: This means that the player’s or dealer’s cards total more than 21, which is an automatic loss.

DOUBLE / DOUBLE DOWN: Both terms mean the same thing. A player doubles down after the first two cards have been dealt, but only if he thinks he has an excellent chance of winning the hand on the next, third card. If he predicted correctly, he wins double the bet.

SPLIT: In some games, a player might receive two cards with an identical value, and he can then split these cards into two separate hands. However, to split, first the player must submit a second bet identical to the first one before he receives his next card.

SURRENDER: This option is given to players in some Blackjack casinos, allowing them to give up half their bet, as well as their cards, if they feel their card is not likely to win against the dealer’s hand.

History of Video Poker

History of Video Poker

Have you become addicted to video poker yet? If so, you’re probably interested in learning as much about the game, as possible. That might even include a history of the game. Believe it or not, the history of this addictive and sometimes profitable game pre-dates the internet by more than 20 years. And of course, poker itself traces back much earlier than even that. Let’s take a short look at the history of poker and follow its transitioning into the modern variations of video poker.

History of Poker: Nobody is exactly sure of where and how poker originated. There are a few possibilities. One of those is an ancient game called “Nas”, which traces back in Persia (Iran) to many thousands of years ago. If this is the game’s origin, then it was introduced in the United States by Persian sailors as they made port in Louisiana in the 19th century.

However, the first references we have to poker in America come from the memoirs of a 19th century English actor. From that point onward, the game spread to the north via Mississippi’s famous riverboats. It also began to spread westward and eastward along the Missouri, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers.

Because poker has been so popular, it’s no surprise to know that it’s available in video game format. What might be a surprise is the fact that it was one of the very first of such games, created for personal computers in the 1970s. Today’s video poker is a direct descendant of those 40 year old electronic games.

When the Internet Age took off in the early 90′s, video poker began springing up here and there, and eventually became quite popular and widespread. In those early days, it was played over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks between real players. Today’s online poker, though, is much more sophisticated. It’s almost impossible to tell it apart from the video poker machines you’ll see in casinos. Since about 2003, the number of people who play video poker in online rooms has grown phenomenally.

Addiction that is Video Poker

Addiction that is Video Poker

Now for the big question: How does online video poker compare to the real deal? Quite favourably, actually. For starters, you can play by yourself using your own in-home internet connection. The game-play itself is no different from that in an actual card room or casino. As with real poker, you have a dealer (the computer) who gives you your original hand. And as with the real game, you discard and get new cards, bid, raise and call.

One question that often arises is whether or not video poker on the internet is rigged. However, it’s been proven many times that video poker is an honest casino game. It has to be, since most of the major video poker sites are subject to much legal scrutiny because they are publicly traded companies. So you can play with confidence, as long as you remember the golden rule of gaming for money: Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Because most people will lose more times than they will win.

Scientists believe that dopamine flooding in the brain is to blame for people’s addiction to casino games like video poker. Addicts tend to show signs of dopamine flooding to the nucleus accumbens area of the brain, while non-addicts do not.

Video Poker is a game that can be played at a online casino or at a land base casino. The origins lie in 5 Card Draw Poker, and is played on a computerized console that resembles a video slot machine in size.

Play Sit and Gos Like the Pros

Play Sit and Gos Like the Pros

Many new casino players are very eager and they are willing to do and give everything just to be one of the most prominent and successful poker players today. One of their great desires is to participate in major tournaments in poker. However, they are not yet confident to play in these tournaments because they believe that they are not yet prepared and they have not acquired the skills needed to beat advanced poker players.

Sit and Gos is a tournament in poker where many professional players are able to increase their money to the fullest. It is important that before gamblers play in this poker event they must know effective ways to at least have an edge over other advanced players who also participate in such event. To beginners who are interested in participating in Sit and Gos poker tournaments, there are training videos that can help them play like professional players.

Play Sit and Gos Like the Pros is a training video produced by Joe Holmes, a famous poker player. Holmes discusses the events that players should expect when they play in Sit and Gos tournaments. Along with the basic instructions when playing in the tournaments are techniques on how to increase beginners’ chance of winning when they play against professionals.

If players try and watch this training video, they will not have regrets that it is not useful and helpful to attain their goals because the strategies tackled in this video are proven to be effective. Most of the strategies discussed in the video are the techniques that Holmes has used in some Sit and Gos tournaments. Furthermore, many poker players who have watched this video agree that it really helped them a lot to succeed in several poker tournaments.

Joe Holmes’ Play Sit and Gos Like the Pros is one of the most recommended training videos to new players who want to take part in Sit and Gos. This training video will help them learn the rules followed in such tournament as well as acquire the skills needed to beat professional players who have been famous for winning in Sit and Gos events. It will also help beginners be more confident every time they play against other players who are more experienced than them when it comes to playing poker. Hence, beginners are advised to watch this training video because it will help them succeed and it will make them play like professional poker players.