Poker Table Ratings Review

Poker Table Ratings Review

If youre looking to purchase poker hand histories, theres no better site to go to than Poker Table Ratings. They offer extensive hand history files for the following sites:

  • PokerStars
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • PartyPoker
  • The Merge Network
  • The OnGame Network
  • The Cereus Network (Absolute Poker/UB)
  • The iPoker Network
  • The Cake Network
  • Bodog Poker

Of course, a mishmash of random hands from a given site wont help you very much. But not to worry; Poker Table Ratings allows you to customize the hands you receive so that theyll be catered to your specific needs. You can choose hands by stakes, the number of players at each table (shorthanded and heads-up hands, of course, are far different than full ring hands), and the exact game being played. This allows you to get a hyper-targeted look at the regulars in your game not just a random sample of the players who may or may not play on your site.

Poker Table Ratings also allows you to choose the size of the hand history file you receive. For instance, lets say you play $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Holdem (full ring) at Party Poker. You can pick up 200,000 hands for $10, which will cover the last few weeks of play in those games on Party Poker. If you want a more extensive database that goes farther back, you can get an even better deal on large orders; for instance, a full 1 million hands are available for just $40!

For those who want more extensive information on their opponents, Poker Table Ratings offers more than just hand histories. A premium membership at PTR gives you access to a table finder that can show you where the juiciest games can be found at your stakes, as well as the WebHUD, a feature that combines the power of the Poker Table Ratings database with the convenience of a heads up display!

If youre looking to have as much information on your opponents as possible, purchasing hand histories from Poker Table Ratings will give you the insight youve been looking for. One things for sure: if youre not using PTR, you can be sure someone at your table is.

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